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Casey County Baptist Association

 “My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.” - 1 John 3:18 (KJV)


Casey County Baptist Association as been serving the community since 2005.

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Our world is changing rapidly. So fast, in fact, that the world we lived in last year isn't the same as the world we live in this year and it will be even different next year.

If your ear is to the ground, then you know: Our society, our culture, our schools and our kids are changing right now and real fast. We need to be praying for our country at a time when it seems to be spiraling out of control with so much hatred and violence.

 Praying for our kids that are growing up that their world will  be a much better time than present.  

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On behalf of Casey County Baptist Associational

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CV_Frances Ann Harris

GR Frankie Lynn Gooch

IC Richard Patterson

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 Happy Birthday and Anniversaries to the following

Birthdays August: Diane Sims, Aleisha Watts, Julie Hamilton, Mariela Grace Sergent, Nora McFarland, Stevie Sims, Cody Allen, Bro. Tim Harris, Danielle Adams, Kelly Baird, Marie Bastin, Chris and Evelyn Carman, Josephine Delk, Dexter East, Ryman King, Tonya Spears,Becky Powell, Keyera McFarland,

Anniversary August: Cody & Tabbatha "Tabby" Allen, Jerome & Brenda Cummins, Carl & Debbie Garrett, Jackson and Samantha Knight, Evan and Patty Lucas, Wyatt Murphy, Doris Rodgers, Dennis Stucker, and Roseanne Wilson. Amy and Jeff Murphy, Andrew and Rebecca Woodall,

Church Saved: MTC: Zayden and Zandrea Sizemore

Church Baptism: MTC: Zayden and Zandrea Sizemore

Church Membership: MTC:Steve and Angie Patterson, Zayden and Zandrea Sizemore, Josh and Laura Beth Gamble


  CCBA Executive Board meeting at Poplar Springs Baptist., October 07, 2018  at 2:00 PM.


The Casey County Baptist Association 5th Hymn Singing at Creston Baptist, September 30, 2018 at 6:00 PM


Poplar Springs hosted The Casey County Baptist Association 5th Sunday Hymn Singing on July 29th, Attendance was 126 with eight churches represented.


The 2018 Casey County School  Annual Prayer Walk  was a success with 122 people in attendance.

15 @ WHE

50 @ LES

44 @ JPE

10 @ CCMS

03 @ CCHS


Creston Baptist

Pray for their Youth Pastor Lucas Humphrey who is going on a 4 month mission trip to share the gospel with many different people in many different countries as well as shooting a documentary with 2 missionaries!


FREE Prayer Guide for Kids as an easy reminder to help kids remember to pray


The next Commodity Day will be August 15, at the Casey County Recycle Center.


26% of Kentucky's children live in poverty. A backpack from Kentucky Baptists may be all some of these kids will get for Christmas. Churches are on the way to reaching Goal: 10,000  but there's still more to do. Share the gift of the gospel this December by filling backpacks for needy kids today. Suggested items to pack: new toys, clothing, hygiene items and non-perishable food. Christmas Backpacks will be collected a regional locations Oct. 15-19. Each backpack will contain a Christmas Story with the gospel.


Chestnut Grove Baptist Church if you have a need, maybe the church can help. Call 606-787-5954.  If no answer, leave a message. ____________________________________________

For information on upcoming events check the Association Event Calendar.

Our goal is to provide you with information about our association and the work we are doing here in Casey County and the part we play in furthering the ministry of Christ. We believe that a outreach in the county, state, and the world in which we live is crucial to the growth and advancement of God's kingdom.

As you browse our site you will discover all about our efforts and services offered by us or a sister church.

 If you have comments or questions about our programs, services or simply need more information and would like to contact us, click the contact listing page with in the site or at the bottom.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to serving and worshiping with you in one of our sister churches.

 We are grateful for all the church pastors who work so hard for so little in momentary rewards. Often neglecting their own physical and spiritual needs to serve and sacrifice time with their families. We often take them for granted and assume any time we need them for sickness and emotional and spiritual needs they will be there 24/7 and most often times are. Pray for your pastor today and every day. They are generals in God's army and their war wounds are physical, emotional and spiritual. Be someone that encourages and inspires instead of sowing heartache and division.

Thank You for your service to Christ and your Church.

You’re Casey County Baptist Associational.