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Middleburg Baptist had a Gideon speaker today, Bradley Marcum of Albany, KY. The Gideons are now able to distribute God’s word, the Holy Bible in 199 countries in the world. He read the verse Isaiah 55:6, “Seek the Lord while He may be found. Call upon Him while He is near.”

He told of a Gideon from Pakistan, who went into Afghanistan, hoping to be able to witness to someone and give out some Bibles. He knew he was taking a chance; he knew he could get in trouble if he was caught, in this Muslim nation. As he was driving, he began to have car trouble. He met a Muslim, and this man told the Gideon he had a dream that someone would give him a book to teach them how to live. So, the Gideon gave him a copy of the Holy Bible, and the man didn’t help him with his car trouble, but the Gideon thought he would try starting his car again, and it started. He knew God put him exactly where he needed to be, to give that Bible to the man.

The Gideons have a prison distribution. Ralph Regan, when 8 years old moved to Crossville, he got a job in a tavern, and by the time he was 12 he was an alcoholic. He was in trouble with the law, organized crime; he was in jail. The Gideons had placed bibles in the jail, and Ralph came to know Jesus Christ. He got out of jail, got a job, and he became a Pastor. He has led many, many people to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Casey County has distributed 2,200 Holy Bibles in this county this year. There is no amount of money you can put on the value of a soul.

Bradley Marcum talked about his son having a motorcycle accident years ago, and they thought he was going to die. He was in a coma for 54 days. He had four brain surgeries, and he said he stood at the end of his bed praying and he told God that he gave him his son when he was born, and now he told God he was giving his son back to him and if it would be his will to let his son live, whatever his will was. So, he began to get better and after 6 months he went home from the hospital, and he is well and alive today because of God’s grace. God is so good.

Gideons International is one of the greatest organizations on planet earth. The Gideons need your prayers; they need your financial support. All the money that is given is used to buy more Bibles. The Gideons need more men to become Gideons to help spread the Gospel, to distribute Bibles. Pray for this organization.

Those added to the prayer list are as follows: Jerry Brown family, Ryan Hale’s Mother, Tommy Morgan family, Dixie Sebastian family, Dexter East, Izzie Peavler, Pam Gooch Crowley, Ann Norfleet, Helen Norfleet, those people traveling, Gwen Grider, James Poore, Deborah Wright Wesley family.

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 June 14 at 6 PM – June 17 at 8:30 PM, Vacation Bible School Kingdom Keepers is the theme.

Middleburg Baptist Church located at 2977 Short Town Rd, Middleburg, KY, For more information call: (606) 787-0900. Duration: 4 days      


Community wide picnic on the 17th . Ages 2 and UP!!